API and Business Strategy

The data and services made available via your APIs are consumed by your employees (B2E), your customers (B2C), or other businesses (B2B). [Read More]
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Bots are here

“Say hello to my little friend” Atomist! It is a SaaS. It is a ChatOps. One of it’s main interfaces is ‘Atomist Slack [ro]bot’. My team member. [Read More]
Tags: Continuous Delivery, ChatOps

Continuous delivery in the cloud

The idea of automated deployment is important. Indeed, if you take automating the deployment process to its logical conclusion, you could push every build that passes the necessary automated tests into production. The practice of automatically deploying every successful build directly into production is generally known as Continuous Deployment. [Read More]
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Accelerating the digitization

For some executives, it’s about technology. For others, digital is a new way of engaging with customers. [Read More]
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Being a software architect

Being a software architect involves much more than just knowing technology. Aside from being an excellent developer, you also have to be a leader. [Read More]
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